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  • How Soon Can You Schedule?
    Normally we try to schedule within 5 business days. Availability will be determined when you reach out. We will work to schedule you quickly and within the time frame you need. If for some reason we cannot schedule you in the time frame you need we will let you know quickly so you can decide how to proceed.
  • How Much Does a General Home Inspection Cost?
    Most General Home Inspections Range from $400-550. There are a few things that determine cost such as size of the home and type of foundation. Other inspections such as termite, and radon will add to the overall cost
  • How Long Does an Inspection Take?
    Most Inspections take 4-5 hrs on site. We normally start at 9am.
  • Can I Join For the Inspection?
    Yes. Please do. It's your prospective home and we want you to have your questions answered and be confident in your decision. Most clients ask us to give them a notice an hour before we are done and then join us at the end to go over any important discoveries or ask questions.
  • How Soon Will I Have My Report?
    Normally we get the General Home Inspection report back within 24 hrs. Depending on when other inspections are scheduled those may come in before or after the General Home Inspection Report. Our specality inspectors are sensitive to the demands of realestate timing and work quickly to get you the needed reports.
  • Will You Accept Payment at Closing?
    Yes. We require payment within 30 days or at closing which ever is first. If the contract dissolves we require payment immediately.
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